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Café Veneti – coffee & sandwiches

For a taste of excellence

Café Veneti is located at the ground level at Metrotower II, a central spot that connects to all Metrotower office buildings at the heart of Metrotown, Burnaby.

For Metrotower community, our coffee shop is truly convenient for coffee, food, eat-in and take-out. Our modern and cozy seating area provided with cable (wifi) service, is also an ideal place for customers who take lunch or coffee break without loosing communication.

At Café Veneti, we brew fine coffee and specialty coffees. Our goal is to bring each coffee lover the ultimate enjoyment and coffee experience.

Brewed Coffee

With more than 10 years of experience in coffee brewing, we have learned to select only the finest coffee beans. This differentiates our coffee from others, by their quality, fine aroma and great taste.

Many of our customers come to our café simply for the sensational experience of tasting our coffee. It is inspirational. Our passion is to delight and serve others, and let each person experience something special over a cup of coffee, a moment of peace and quiet, or a good conversation. 

Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee is a customised coffee with distinct tastes and unique flavours.

Just as we see each person as being unique and having their own distinctive personality, so is our specialty coffee at Café Veneti. Based on each person’s preference, we serve specialty coffee the way you enjoy it most. Our Baristas (coffee specialists) learn quickly what each customer’s preferred methods are, and are able to customize your drink just the way you like it. We also believe that by listening to feedback from our customers we will produce a greater experience for your next visit.

Tea, Blended Drinks and Food

For non-coffee drinkers we offer a variety of tea and blended drinks. We also make awesome hot chocolates that can sweeten your day and rejuvenate you.

For your convenience we offer breakfast, freshly made sandwiches, Panini, wraps, green salads and daily soups. We use the best selection of real chicken and turkey meat. Each step we take to prepare your food is carefully planned. This is to satisfy your need for nutritious and tasty food. We also offer vegetarian items for those who prefer it. If you are a dessert fan you definitely will not skip our unique selection of delicious pastry or dessert.

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We offer special promotions from time to time. Sometimes we may even add a new flavour or item in our menu. Please contact us or talk to us about what you like most. We will gather all feedback and attempt to provide the broadest base of options for your next visit at Café Veneti.


At Café Veneti , we are passionate about providing an inspiring and fulfilling experience to the  Metrotower Community through our coffee and services.